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Stragety For Digital Currency
You Don't Need To Be A Genius
To Create This Stragety

The Only Stragety Is To
Instantly Convert Your Digital Currency
Into Fiat Currency
Let Say Bitcoin To Peso Or USD

Then Make A Simple Note This Is Very Important

You Bought 10 Btc For The Price Of 10 USD

Note: 10 BTC = 10 USD

Why So We Can Track Down The BTC Will Be Earning
When We Buy BTC Back


Price Went Up

10 BTC = 20 USD

We Sold BTC For The Price Of 20

Then BTC Price Returns To 10 Or 15

We Decided To Buy At The Price Of 10 Or 15

20 BTC = 20 USD Or 15 BTC = 20 USD

By The Help Of Note We Can See How Much Will Earn
When We Sell Back Our BTC Or How Much Should We Wait

When Things Go Wrong When A Price Suddenly Went Down
And Your Unlucky
To Have BTC In Your Wallet At That Time

This Way You'll Know When
To Convert Them Back To USD That Will Profit You

When To Convert Digital Currency To Real Currency
Simply Follow This Steps

Lets Go With BTC Or Known As Bitcoin
When The Value Of BTC Goes Up
Then Convert To USD

And When The Value Of BTC Goes Down
Convert USD To BTC
Easy As That

More Example For This
What I Mean By Goes Up

When You Start Buying BTC = 8000 USD

Then After A Month
Bitcoin Value Goes Up = 10,000 USD

Then Convert Your BTC Back To USD

Then Wait When
Bitcoin Value Goes Down = 8,000, 6,000 Or 4,000 USD

Then Convert USD Back To BTC

Then Wait For BTC Goes Up Again
Then Just Repeat The Process

When You Buy BTC For 8,000 USD - 10,000 USD And Up

Its Better To Wait For The Price
To Decrease At Least Around 1,500 - 2000
To Profit From It


This Depends From The Exchanger Your Using
This Is Why A Note For The Price
When You Buy Cryptos Is Important

With This Stragety You Profit

>>>>>>>>>>>A Sure Fire Win Win Stragety<<<<<<<<<<<

Lets Go With More Details Example
When You Start Buying BTC = 8,000 USD

Then After A Month

Bitcoin Value Goes Up = 10,000 USD

Then Convert Your BTC Back To USD

Or Wait Some More Time
Until Bitcoin Goes Up = 15,000 USD

Since We Cannot Determine Exactly
Whether It Goes Up And Down

Let Use Half Of Your Bitcoin To Convert Back To USD

Lets Say You Have A Bitcoin Of 0.02
Lets Convert 0.01 Into USD

Why 0.01 Only This Is In Order To Have A Back Up

Lets Say Where Hoping The Value of Bitcoin Goes Down

But Then Suddenly It Went Up Now You Will Feel

What A Loss I Should Have Waited More

But In Reality Its A 50-50 Chance Of Guessing
What Will Happen

Now If You Go With 0.01 Bitcoin Exchange Went Up
You Profited

Now If Bitcoin Goes Down
You Will Still Profit

With This Stragety You Avoid Guessing
Whether It Will Go Up Or Down

You End Up The Winner

You May Not See The Difference

If You Invest Small Amount
But If You Invested Big Amount

You'll See How This Profited You A lot

With This Simple Stragety
Your A Big Winner

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To Your Success,
Michael Rimando